Black Friday


An essential read for all visitors of Eyemouth Museum

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About the book…

Black Friday is the astonishing true story of a coastal community that lost 189 men in a single afternoon. Britain’s worst fishing disaster decimated the coastal community of Eyemouth, yet is an almost forgotten part of the past.

One hundred and twenty-five years on, this is the story of that storm, told through the accounts of fishermen at sea caught up in the maelstrom, of their families waiting anxiously for news, and of its historical context. At its heart is a gripping narrative of survival and high adventure when Eyemouth was the centre of a massive smuggling ring.

Peter Aitchison does more than simply spin a good yarn: as a direct descendant, his account of how these fishermen plied their trade, led their lives and met their fate in the 1880s is an insightful and compelling read.

About the author…

Peter Aitchison worked for the BBC as a senior news editor for twenty years before becoming Director of Communications at the University of Glasgow, a post he held until he retired at the end of 2021. He is now an Honorary Professor of History at Glasgow.