We currently have a number of artists exhibiting and selling in the Museum shop including Karen Cairns and Jeanie Adie. We also have a selection of prints and postcards that are ideal for framing at home. If you are a local artist interested in displaying or selling your work through the Museum and Information Centre then please get in touch.

Karen Cairns

Karen Cairns is an artist who exhibits throughout Scotland, where she is known for her watercolours of seascapes and urban landscape. Karen is a practising architect living in Glasgow. She graduated from Heriot Watt University/ Edinburgh College of Art, with a Diploma in Architecture and a Post-graduate in Urban Design. She has been painting seriously for 7 years and her works are predominantly in transparent watercolour with a loose impressionistic style.Karen exhibits regularly in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dumfries & Galloway and the Borders.

We currently have a selection of original framed works depicting scenes in Eyemouth and Coldingham for sale. Visit her website here.

Jeanie Adie

Jeanie Adie has lived on the East Coast of Scotland for many years and it is here on this beautiful coastline that she finds the shapes, textures, colours and the accidental patterns found in nature a constant source of inspiration for her work.

“I love working in ink and bleach – The spontaneity and accidental marks, shapes, patterns and colours it creates make it the perfect medium for the creation of organic scenes. My pictures are my representation of the beauty and wildness of our coastline environment both in nature and in man-made structures which secretly harbour a huge diversity of wildlife species. I experiment in all types of media specialising in ink and bleach, watercolour, pastel and pencil”

We currently have a selection of original Jeanie Adie works for sale. Visit her website here.

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